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Cutting Activities for Halloween


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A Free Printable for a Pick a Pumpkin Cutting Activity
Cutting Activities for Halloween

Choosing and cutting a face.


Your youngest students often need activities to build fine motor skills. At the same time your students will be motivated by this most favorite of holidays.

This cutting activity offers students three Jack-O-Lanterns to choose from. They may choose one and make one jack-o-lantern, or they may choose to make all three faces on three separate Jack-O-Lanterns. Trust me, they'll let you know.

Usually, your students will be most successful if they color first and cut and glue later.


  1. Run a copy of each of the two pdf's for each child in your class.
  2. Have students color the pumpkin orange, and color the face they choose for their Jack-O-Lantern, as well.
  3. Have students cut out their chosen face.
  4. Glue to pumpkin.

Alternatives:: You may choose to offer some alternatives:

  • Provide each student with three pumpkins and have them make each of the faces.
  • Cut out the pumpkin before mounting the face, and mount the pumpkin on construction paper, perhaps black.

A pumpkin on which to paste your Jack-O-Lantern Face.

Three faces to choose from.

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