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Activities for St. Patrick's Day


Cutting, Writing and Coloring Activities for St. Patrick's Day
Activities for St. Patrick's Day

A pot of gold bulletin board


As you celebrate St. Patrick's Day, some of these activities will keep your students busy. They are all great for lower functioning students, like those in my autism classroom, but they are also good for younger students who are building fine motor skills.

Crafts for Cutting, Coloring with Dot Markers, and Folding.

These activities include a shamrock template for decorating your classroom, a rainbow dot art project that comes with its own pot of gold to cut and glue, as well as a shamrock for making a little shamrock man with accordion folded legs and arms.

A Class Bulletin Board Activity of a Rainbow and Pot of Gold

This project involves tearing construction paper for a rainbow, with a pot of gold which you can print and have students color and mount on your finished rainbow.

St. Patrick's Day Edits

There are two edit pages here: one which tells a little about St. Patrick, the other that tells about leprechauns and other Irish legends told on St. Patrick's Day.

Dot to Dots for St. Patrick's Day

Several dot to dots for practicing counting and skip counting by 5's and 10's. A Leprechaun, a Leprechaun's hat, a pot of gold and a shamrock provide lots of practice.

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