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A Valentine Magnet Activity


Wrapping Paper or Scrapbooking Paper Make Great Butterfly Wings.
A Valentine Magnet Activity

A Valentine Magnet


This butterfly is made with heart shapes cut from scrap booking paper.

This project is done with Valentine templates. Students with disabilities often have trouble folding and making valentines. They also have difficulty controlling their scissors. Precut the templates (Template a on this printable pdf) so your students can trace and cut out four hearts. Holding and tracing the template is a great bilateral activity that requires the student to involve both sides of the students body and brain.


  1. Distribute the materials to each child: 1/2 inch of magnet tape, a template, four squares of patterned or colored paper, a pencil, scissors and a sprung wooden clothespin.
  2. Students trace a heart on the back of each piece of patterned or colored paper and cut them out.
  3. Students attach the magnet tape with the adhesive backing (or white glue, if necessary.)
  4. Glue the bottom wings on first, holding the hearts in the glue until they begin to stick. Then glue the top two facing the other direction.
  5. When it is completed, you might have your students write a note to put in the clamp, like the one I have on my refrigerator.

A free printable pdf of a Valentine template.

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