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A Class Bulletin Board for St. Patrick's Day


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Create a Rainbow with Torn Paper
A Class Bulletin Board for St. Patrick's Day

Students tear and paste pieces of construction paper on a piece of blue bulletin board craft paper.


Create a rainbow with six curved stripes on a piece of craft paper. There are actually seven strips on a rainbow, but 6 may be easier: starting with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. In our rainbow, we eliminated the indigo and went from blue to purple.

This is a great activity for students with a range of difficulties. It was a great activity for middle school students with autism spectrum disorders, but would also be great for younger children with disabilities who need to build fine motor strength.

Cut construction paper into two inch wide strips, and have your students tear them into smaller pieces, and glue them with glue sticks onto the rainbow stripes.

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