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Worksheets for Holidays and Themes

Worksheets for holidays and other themes.

Advent Calendar Star - An Activity to Support Following Directions

Christmas Coloring by Number Puzzles
Christmas coloring puzzles that support fine motor skills.

Christmas Activities, Worksheets and Lesson Plans
A list of articles that provide resources for special educators during the Christmas season.

Santa's Count on Christmas - A Counting on Game for Addition
Santa's Count On Christmas is a Holiday Game that Gives Students practice "counting on" to add.

Easy Cutting Puzzles for Emerging Skills
A simple cutting puzzle of Santa Claus for Christmas.

Christmas Writing Worksheets
Christmas Worksheets and Printables, classroom christmas activities. Christmas writing activities.

Easter Crafts, Cutting, Art Projects and Activities for Special Education
Crafts, dot to dots, lesson plans and other resources for the Easter season.

Easter Dot to Dots for Counting to 120

Jingle Math - Problem Solving Resources for Special Education
Jingle math uses Christmas Counters to help students build problem solving skills.

Back to School
Back to school worksheets and printables.

Create a Patriotic Windsock for the Fourth of July

Back to School
Back to school worksheets.

Easter - A Free Printable Cutting Activity of an Easter Basket
A free printable

An Easter Lily Art Project

Skip Counting Dot to Dots for Easter

A Leprechaun Cutting Activity for St. Patrick's Day

A Cutting Puzzle Easter Bunny

A Cutting and Coloring Easter Bunny Activity

Father's Day Printables and Worksheets
Free printables and worksheets to celebrate Father's Day.

End of Year Worksheets
End of year worksheets. Interview worksheets.

Christmas Rhymes Booklet
Christmas worksheets. Christmas rhyming book.

Christmas Worksheets
Christmas Worksheets. A great brainstorm activity for Christmas.

Valentine's Day Activities
Resources for Valentines Day, activities, lesson plans and worksheets.

Cutting Puzzles for Valentines Day
Free Printable Dot to Dots for Valentines Day

Mother's Day Worksheets
Great Venn's, Poetry activities and more free printables for Mother's Day

Mothers' Day Math Activities
Mother's Day math activities, including dot to dots and puzzles.

Valentine's Day Printables and Worksheets
Free Valentine's Day worksheets, printables and activities. In PDF format, ready for the classroom.

A Valentine Magnet Activity
A Magnet for the Refrigerator that your students can make independently.

Free Printable Valentine Dot Marker Art
Bingo dot art for Valentines Day supports students hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Halloween Resources for Special Education and Full Inclusion Classes
Halloween is one of childhoods favorite holidays, full of scary wonder and ghoulish fun. I have created lots of resources to take advantage of children's love for this holiday. The resources include writing edits, writing prompts, math worksheets to practice word problems and dot to dots to practice skip counting and alphabetization. I...

Halloween Coloring Puzzles to Build Fine Motor Skills

Free Printable Math Worksheet for Halloween
Monster Math printable worksheets for Halloween help students learn to solve word problems by choosing operations and solving fun and scary problems.

Halloween Free Printable Dot to Dots to Practice Math and Literacy Skills
Free Halloween printable dot to dot worksheet to support alphabetizing and skip counting.

Cutting Activities for Halloween

Halloween Rumble - a Math Operations Game for Emerging Mathematicians
A Halloween board game to teach addition and subtraction operations.

Farm Cutting Puzzles

Halloween Edits and Stories Starters
These Halloween "Edits" and Story Starters give students practice editing for spelling, punctuation and writing conventions as well as exciting starters for Halloween stories.

A Clip-on Bat Art Project for Halloween
Easily available items make this clever "bat clip" that you can hang around the room, and students can hang around the house.

Cutting Activities for Thanksgiving

A Lesson Plan for Fantasy Christmas Shopping
A differentiated lesson plan that uses Christmas, shopping and your students own motivation to solve problems, use functional reading skills and math skills.

Coloring Puzzles for Thanksgiving
A pair of Pilgrim children for coloring by number

Thanksgiving Resources for Special Education Programs
Thanksgiving activities created to support skills for students with disabilities.

Counting Dot to Dots for Thanksgiving

Christmas Writing Printables
Free Christmas printables for writing activities.

Christmas Skip Counting Dot to Dots

Thanksgiving Skip Counting Dot to Dots

Free Printable Christmas Dot Art Projects

Structured Writing Activities for Christmas

Christmas Writing Themes

Christmas Writing Paper with Decorative Borders
Free printable writing papers with decorative Christmas borders to make writing fun for your students.

Numbered Pair Puzzles for Christmas

Activities for St. Patrick's Day

Cutting and Art Activities for St. Patrick's Day
A template for a large shamrock to cut, paint and use for decorating.

St. Patrick's Day Edits

St. Patrick's Day Dot to Dots for Skip Counting

A Class Bulletin Board for St. Patrick's Day
A Class Bulletin Board for St. Patrick's Day starts with a torn paper rainbow.

A Circus Elephant Coloring and Cutting Art for Early Intervention

Making a Treasure Chest for the Pirate Unit

Making a Pirate Hat for a Pirate Unit

Thanksgiving Cutting Puzzles for Emerging Students
A simple cutting puzzle of a Pilgrim Boy for Thanksgiving

Spooky Math to Model Solving Word Problems
A method and free printables to create a class activity to teach reading and solving word problems.

Mothers' Day Bouquet of Flower Coupons
An art project for Mother's Day, which provides coupons for chores as a gift for Mom.

Mother's Day Resources
Activities, writing templates and art projects for Mother's Day.

A Mother's Day Free Printable PDF Book
A free printable of a book your students finish for Mothers' Day

Valentine Dot to Dots for Counting and Skip Counting
Free Printable Dot to Dots for Valentines Day

President's Day Dot to Dots for Counting and Skip Counting
Free Printable Dot to Dots for Valentines Day

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