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Capitalization Rules



Capital letters should always be used for the beginning of sentences and questions.


Capital letters always need to be used for titles and proper names.

Countries, Cities, Towns, Lakes, Rivers etc.:

All kinds of places require capital letters. Notice how all maps contain capitals on cities, streets and towns?


The names of the days and months also must be capitalized.

Books and Poems:

Titles of books and poems have capitals. Book covers also have capital names.


Religious titles, brand names and companies also need capital letters.

Mr. Mrs., Ms., Miss:

Always use capitals when addressing people by Mr, Miss etc.


Free Capital Letter Worksheets Students with learning disabilities often need intervention and practice with grammar. Be sure to provide opportunity for direct teaching and self-correction when working with the many grammar rules.

Notice all of the capital letters I need to use in the following paragraph:

One day during the month of June, Mrs. Jones took my 3 brothers Jake, Andy and James shopping. She drove them to the shopping plaza on John Street in Chicago. The Glen Echo shopping plaza is just past the Green River Bridge. My brothers bought lots of books at Chapter's Book Store. They couldn't wait to get home and begin reading their books.

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