1. Education
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Special Considerations - Part of an Individual Education Plan



Special Considerations is a section in an Individual Education Plan that focuses on specific concerns in a students profile. Although a child's primary diagnosis may be a cognitive disability or autism, the special considerations section quickly lays out other significant problems a child might have. It will ask the following questions:

  • Is the Student Blind or Visually Impaired?
  • Is the student Deaf or Hearing Impaired?
  • Does the student have communication needs?
  • Does the student have limited English proficiency?
  • Does the student exhibit behaviors that impede his/her learning or that of others?

When any of the special considerations is checked off with a yes, the IEP team has to be sure to address those specific areas of need. In the case of the last question concerning behaviors, if checked off it requires that a Functional Behavioral Analysis is performed and a Behavior Intervention Plan is written and appended to the Individual Education Plan.

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