1. Education
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Regular Education -- The Education Everyone Gets



Regular Education is the term often used to describe the educational experience of typically developing children. The content of this curriculum is defined by State Standards, which are established by the state's department of education. This is the Free and Appropriate Public Education against which the program of a student who receives special education is evaluated.

General Education is used interchangeably with regular education but is definitely preferred. It is better to speak of general education students as opposed to regular education students. Regular implies that special education students are irregular, or somehow flawed. Once again, General Education is the curriculum designed for all children which is meant to meet state standards. The General Education program is also the program which the state's annual test, required by NCLB (No Child Left Behind,) is designed to evaluate

Also Known As: General Education

Statement in an IEP: John spends 28 hours each week in the regular education program with his typical peers.

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