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Progress Monitoring — Accountability for Progress on the IEP



Progress monitoring is an integral part of a child’s Individual Education Plan. When the special educator writes the plan, they also indicate when progress will be reported to parents or guardians.

A well written educational goal will lead to a clear means of evaluating or assessing how the student did on the goal. A data collection form will be easy to create, as will appropriate means for collecting data.

Also Known As: Data Collection

Goal: When given 10 mixed two digit addition problems, with and without regrouping, Robert will correctly answer 8 of 10 (or 80%) for three out of four consecutive trials.

Progress Monitoring: Using a worksheet generator, such as the Mathworksheets.com create a worksheet: use scissors and cut off all but 10 problems, cross them out, whatever works. Give them to Robert in a quiet place that conforms to his SDI’s for testing. Record the number correct ( C ) and the number total ( T ), divide (C / T = %)

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