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Dolch High Frequency Word Cloze Activities

Practice With High Frequency Lists to Build Strong Readers


Dolch Words, a set of high frequency words which represent about half of the words used in print, is a good place to start teaching sight vocabulary. Reading includes not only the ability to decode phonics, but also a large sight vocabulary, including words that are irregular, and cannot be decoded.

Pre-Primer Cloze Activities


The first set of high frequency words are those you will teach to your beginning readers. These cloze activities use rebuses (pictures)to help emerging readers recognize nouns they may not know, and help them complete these pages independently.

At this level, the worksheets only require beginners to circle the best of the three words in parentheses (the cloze) since these early or disabled readers may also be developing fine motor skills.

Primer Cloze Activities

As your readers gain sight vocabulary, they also begin to acquire the ability to shape and write their letters. These primer cloze activities no longer use rebuses, though the nouns are high frequency words from the Dolch Noun List, or are easily decodable (cat, hat, etc.) These worksheets were designed so your emerging readers can work independently as they practice reading high frequency words.

First Grade Cloze Activities

Here are free printable cloze activities for the Dolch High Frequency First grade words. As sentences are added, the words from earlier levels will show up often in these sentences, with the belief that your students have mastered each preceding set of words. If this is not true, be sure to identify the words your students need to work on and try a variety of multi-sensory approaches to learning the words, perhaps even "pudding writing."

Second Grade Cloze Activities

As your students proceed into second grade Dolch High Frequency Words, your student should have mastered the earlier levels. There are a minimum number of words used for these that are either not on earlier lists or easily decodable using phonetic decoding skills. Your students should be able to easily do these sentences independently as they master the Dolch vocabulary.

Third Grade Cloze Activities

There are fewer Dolch sentences in this set, therefore fewer worksheets. By the time that your students have reached this level, hopefully they are at the same time acquiring strong context and phonetic decoding skills to help them read for meaning independently. Still, for some disabled readers attention to the specific sight vocabulary will be important for their success as readers.

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