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Daily Journal Forms to Help Students with Disabilities


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A Journal Form for Children With Disabilities and Weak Fine Motor Skills
Daily Journal Forms to Help Students with Disabilities

Circling the correct response builds language skills.


A pdf to print.

Writing a daily journal is a good way to repeat important information all students need to know, like date and day of the week. Some children have difficulty making the letter shapes required to fill in blanks, so word recognition is the most appropriate accommodation to meet their limitations. With this form students can find and circle the correct response for the day of the week, the month and add the numbers for the year. It also asks a student to identify the days "special," though it is not appropriate for my classroom (they get one special each quarter.)

Journal writing is also a great part of an entry routine, what Harry Wong and lots of teachers call "bell work," the tasks you give children before school starts. Bell work guarantees that students are engaged in appropriate academic behavior when the bell rings.

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