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A Substitute Tool Kit for Success in a Substitute Job


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Free Printables for Success as a Substitute
A Substitute Tool Kit for Success in a Substitute Job

Bringing your own tools for success


A substitute who comes with resources often has a more successful experience than a substitute who does not, and is more likely to be invited back. I provide you some forms I found helpful when I worked as a substitute. I got invited back.

Free Printable Resources

Teachers have several needs from a substitute. They want:

  • Students to behave in an acceptable manner.
  • To see that the day is used productively, that their lesson plans are followed.
  • Any problems are reported so they can be deal with.
  • Student work is completed and available to assess their continued progress/need for support.

These needs can be addressed with these forms:

An Award for Students Who Cooperate

Too often the focus of a substitute's experience is a few students' bad behavior. Those students get all of your attention. Instead, why not reinforce students who do a good job of following directions and complying?

A Substitute Teacher Report

A simple form helps you leave a concise report of the day for the teacher. Making it possible to see what you completed and didn't complete in one place, rather than having to read a handwritten narrative, or red pen on their plans, is a real boon for a busy teacher.

A Checklist for Work

A basket full of unsorted student work is a most unwelcome sight when a teacher returns from being sick, a day of training or a day with a sick child. This form can help you to sort papers, check them in or report a grade. Even if all you do is bundle the papers and check which students have turned them in, you have made the teacher's task easier.

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