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Social Skills

Free social skills activities, lesson plans and resources to support and build good functional behavior skills.

Do 2 Learn - A Website With Resources for the Special Education Classroom
Do 2 Learn is a website with a mix of games and activities to support special education programs.

Cartoon Strip Interactions - Making Requests

Cartoon Strips to Teach "I Statements"

Social Skills Baseball
A classroom baseball game that helps students practice social interactions with peers.

How to Play Baseball - a Social Skills Lesson Plan
A Lesson on How to Play Baseball as part of a social skills unit to support appropriate social interactions.

Social Skills for Young Students

A Social Skills Game for Making Requests

A Social Skills Lesson - What is a Friend
This lesson plan launches a unit on friendship with reading from Friendship According to Humphrey.

A Social Skills Lesson Plan Teaching Collaboration by Baking
This Social Skills Lesson Plan encourages children to plan and collaborate in a highly desirable activity.

A Social Skills Units on Friends
Social skills are important skills that many children with disabilities lack, especially children on the Autism Spectrum. This Unit is designed for a small class of children on the Autistic Spectrum, but could be modified to use with an inclusion class that includes both neurotypical and children with disabilities. Designed specifically to end on Valentines Day, I offer 10 lessons that cou…

Activities to Support Good Social Skills in the Classroom
How to teach social skills. Social skill lessons.

Behavior Self Monitoring Checklists
Behavior Self Monitoring Checklists, Behavior Worksheets

Emotional Literacy
Teaching emotional literacy helps students understand both their feelings and the feelings of others and will help them develop healthy relationships.

I Statements, Please!
social skills special education I statement Aspergers autism typical students blaming successful relationships

K-6 Character Building Lessons
A great selection of character education lessons from the I Love Teaching site. A worthwhile visit.

Social Narratives -- Writing a Book to Reinforce Setting the Table
This step by step demonstrates how to put together your own social narrative books to reinforce social and life skills learned by special education students, especially children on the autism spectrum.

Social Narratives for Social Skills Training – How to Make Social N…
Social narratives are powerful ways to reinforce social or life skills in a way that helps students "rewrite" their self talk.

Social Skills Activities
Teaching the social skills, social skills lesson ideas.

Social Skills Curriculum -- Reviews of Social Skills Resources
Social skills deficits are typical of students with a range of disabilities, especially those on the Autistic Spectrum. I review resources here with recommendations for teachers.

Social Skills for the Inclusive Classroom
Teaching social skills is just good teaching, every classroom needs it and it's just good inclusional practice.

Social Skills Lesson on Friends - Social Skills with "How to …
A lesson plan for viewing the movie How to Eat Fried Worms as part of a social skills unit on

Social Skills Training for Special Education Students
Social Skills for special education students are much more than good manners. Typically developing children are wired to attend to social nuance, social situations, facial expressions, and the interior life of others, also known as “theory of mind.” Learning disabled children all too often zoom past the more subtle cues they get in social...

Learning to Learn Skills - Foundational Skills for Academic Success
The learning to learn skills are critical for helping students with autism spectrum disorders to succeed in academic settings.

The Sandlot - A Social Skills Lesson on Baseball
A lesson plan to practice initiation, discuss friendship and the personal qualities of character that we can emulate.

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