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Free Letter Worksheets for the Letter I


Worksheets for the Letter I.
Free Letter Worksheets for the Letter I

Letter Writing Worksheet for the Letter I.


Another vowel, we use just the short letter I sound found at the beginning of igloo. Since the i is most often in the medial position, it can be hard to find words that start with the short i. We are sure to provide a list of pictures on worksheets so you know when we intend for it to be ax or hatchet. Once again, we want students to know the single sound so they can begin with closed syllables (CVC) words like big or lip.

The first worksheet is a simple writing practice sheet with a single picture representing a word that begins with an a, and the short a letter sound.

The second worksheet is a cutting activity in which students to cut out pictures that begin with the letter a and paste them around the picture. Cutting is a great way to build fine motor skills and build hand strength.

The third worksheet is a word identification and word writing activity. Students find the word in a word bank that identifies each picture and write it on the lined space next to the picture.

A pdf of an Alphabet Writing Activity for the Letter I.

A pdf of an Alphabet Cutting Activity for the Letter I.

A pdf of a Alphabet Word Activity for the Letter I with a short I sound.

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