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Free Worksheet Activities for the Letter E


Free Printables Worksheets for the Letter E
Free Worksheet Activities for the Letter E

An Alphabet Writing Activity for E.


Once again, we have been careful to only choose words that begin with the simple short e sound found in egg or as the medial sound in bed. Too often worksheets designed for preschool children or emerging readers expect children to choose words which have long e (as in Eagle) or schwas (as in excellent) as well as a short e. These worksheets should both teach recognition of the letter e and prepare students to identify the short e sound when they start reading simple closed syllable words like bed, net or ten.

The first worksheet is a simple writing practice sheet with a single picture representing a word that begins with an a, and the short e letter sound.

The second worksheet is a cutting activity in which students to cut out pictures that begin with the short e letter sound and paste them around the picture. Cutting is a great way to build fine motor skills and build hand strength.

The third worksheet is a word identification and word writing activity. Students find the word in a word bank that identifies each picture and write it on the lined space next to the picture.

A pdf of an Alphabet Writing Activity for the Letter E.

A pdf of an Alphabet Cutting Activity for the Letter E."

A pdf of a Alphabet Word Activity for the Letter E.

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