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A Place Value Template to Support Learning Tens and Ones


A Template Creates Structure for Teaching Tens and Ones
A Place Value Template to Support Learning Tens and Ones

A place value template to support teaching place value


Place value manipulatives can provide students lots of practice with creating two digit numbers. Students with disabilities benefit from extra structure, which can be provided by this simple template.

Print out this free Template on card stock (I used green) and laminate it. Provide a template for each student in your math group.

Model creating two digit numbers on an overhead or ELMO projector with a template and rods. Give students water color fine tipped tipped overhead markers. Have students write how many tens and how many ones, and then write the double digit number on the line in the middle.

The "tens" box is ten centimeters high, but only nine centimeters wide, so the most tens it can hold are nine. When a child reaches ten, have them replace it with a hundred "flat."

A free printable template to teach place value.

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