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Primary Math for Special Education

Mathematic skills for primary students and low functioning children with disabilities focus on counting, number sense, one to one correspondence, and the operations of addition and subtraction.

A Place Value Template to Support Learning Tens and Ones
A free printable template for tens and ones help support teaching place value.

A Simple Tool to Give Children With Disabilities Counting Practice
Counting mats are good tools to give children with disabilities experience counting.

Base Ten Place Value and Operations
Base ten, or the digital number system, is the foundation for all math. Helping young students understand it is essential for future success in math.

Basic Math Skills: Counting and Cardinality
Knowing the names of whole numbers and being able to match them to equivalent arrays of objects is a foundational skill for mathematics.

Activities to Build One to One Correspondence

Christmas Skip Counting Dot to Dots
An Easy Free Printable Snowman Dot to Dot for Christmas.

Circus Dot to Dots for Skip Counting

Counting Coins -- Teaching Strategies for Students with Disabilities
A picture template supports counting quarters.

Counting Muffin Tins - A Kitchen Pan Teaches Counting
Muffin tins create a great way for disabled students to get lots of practice counting.

Create a Walking Number Line

Easter Dot to Dots for Counting to 120
Easter Dot to Dots for Counting to 120.

Flower Dot to Dots for Skip Counting

Hundred Charts Teach Skip Counting, Place Value and Multiplication
A paper hundreds chart you can reproduce offers students lots of ways to learn number theory, skip counting and place value.

Geometry for Special Education Students With Emerging Math Skills
Young students are introduced to the basic geometric shapes, or plane figures.

Halloween Dot to Dots to Support Basic Counting Skills

Jingle Math - Problem Solving Resources for Special Education
Jingle math uses Christmas Counters to help students build problem solving skills.

Math Activities for Counting to Twenty

Math for Special Education - Skills for Primary Grades
Math for Special Education - Skills for Primary Grades

Math Operations for Special Education Students in Primary Grades
Teaching children with disabilities the math operations of addition and subtraction offer special challenges, especially since these foundational skills will shape how they gain other math skills.

Measurement and the Common Core State Standards
The Common Core State Standards are the foundation for functional staff math

Number Sense as a Foundation for Building Math Skills

Place Value Blocks Teach Place Value
Special education students often benefit from manipulatives like these blocks to understand the base ten number system.

President's Day Dot to Dots for Counting and Skip Counting
Dot to dots for counting by ones and fives.

Skip Counting Dot to Dots for Easter


Sorting Plane Figures as an Initial Step in Shape Recognition
Shapes can be used to sort triangles, rectangles, ovals, circles and squares. This is an initial step in recognizing plane figures.

Spooky Math to Model Solving Word Problems
A method and free printables to create a class activity to teach reading and solving word problems.

Teaching Money Counting Skills
Counting money is a critical functional math skill that requires patiences, repetition and lots of hands on activities.

Valentine Dot to Dots for Counting and Skip Counting
Dot to dots for counting by ones and fives.

Word Problems for Primary Students
Practice and strategies help primary students solve word problems.

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