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A Paper Plate Sheep Art Project for a Farm Unit


An Art Project for Success
A Paper Plate Sheep Art Project for a Farm Unit

Adding the cotton balls


Art is a great means for students to use creativity, but as special educators we often use art projects to support other skills, such as:

This simple project supports all of these skills, as well as tying in with the farm unit. The materials for this project are easily accessible and inexpensive.

Using Templates

There are some compelling reasons to use a card stock template instead of printing directly on the paper. When the student places the template on their construction paper, they hold it in place with their non-writing hand. It requires that they cross their right hand over their left, or vice versa, to finish tracing the shape. This supports vestibular motor control, a gross motor skill, which is delayed or a challenged in many students with disabilities. It also adds an addition step to the project, which builds skills in following directions.


  1. Paper plates. Cheap ones are great.
  2. Black construction paper.
  3. The free printable templates, printed on card stock and cut out.
  4. White or yellow crayons.
  5. Scissors
  6. White glue
  7. Google eyes
  8. Cotton balls (though polyester works just fine.


  1. Distribute materials
  2. Have students trace the head, ears and tail onto the black construction paper with the white or yellow crayon
  3. Have students draw a nose and mouth with the white crayon/pencil on the face.
  4. Staple the heads to one side of the plate before students attach the ears and tail.
  5. Have students attach the ears and tail with glue.
  6. Have students glue googley eyes on the face.
  7. Students should dip the cotton balls into white glue (squeeze a small pool onto scrap paper or a paper plate at each table or each student's desk,) and place them on the white plate until they are covered.
  8. Hang it on the window, on a bulletin board, wherever your students can admire their work.

The free printable template for the sheep.

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