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A Paper Bag Cow Puppet for a Farm Unit


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Cut and Color the Seperate Pieces
A Paper Bag Cow Puppet for a Farm Unit

Cutting and assembling the parts from the free printable templates.


This simple cutting and assembling project leaves your students with a product they can use and enjoy: a paper bag puppet of a cow. It's part of the Farm Unit, that can be used for early intervention program, or with lower functioning students with disabilities, either autism or sever cognitive disabilities.

Like many art projects, this project is designed less to stimulate creativity than to build important pre-academic skills, like fine motor skills, and sequencing. The multiple steps require a student to plan from the teacher's model, which also exercises the students' executive function while building "following direction" skills.

Materials for the Project

Besides the free printable templates, most of these supplies are readily available. This project comes with two sheets, one that you can run on brown construction paper, another you can run on white construction paper. Or, you can run them on card stock and cut out the parts as templates.

Using templates, your students will be using both hands, and will be "crossing hemispheres" as their right and left hands will cross as they trace around each piece.

  • The two free printable templates, One for the "brown parts," and another for the parts you will want on white paper, to color before cutting.
  • Templates copied on card stock, or run on white and brown construction paper.
  • Scissors
  • Glue or a glue stick
  • Brown lunch bags
  • Crayons
  • Option: rather than the eyes on the white template, you can use large "googley eyes" available at craft stores.

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