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How to Created Guided Notes to Support Students in Content Area Classes


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Lay Out the Chapter Headings
How to Created Guided Notes to Support Students in Content Area Classes

The American History text book


The first step in creating guided notes is to identify the structure of your notes. The first place to look is the chapter headings. If you disagree with textbooks authors, creating guided notes is not the time to engage in questioning the text. Do it in class.

This set of notes is based on "Core Lesson Two" chapter 7 of Houghton Mifflin Social Studies: United States History. The Nevada State approved text for fifth grade American History, it is somewhat simpler, both in terms of reading level and content, than a similar high school text. It does, however, have most of the text elements found in content area text books, including some original sources as examples of how history is understood.

Start with Headings

Developmental Reading focuses on using the text to better understand the content. It acknowledges that the headings are the way in which the authors organize the information in the text.

As you start the outline, decide if the headings are good place to draw your students' attention to new vocabulary. In the chapter I have chosen, the headings are simple and new vocabulary (such as boycott) are in the body.

Create the Outline

Early Conflicts with Britain(the Core Lesson Title)

  1. Britain Needs Money
    • New Taxes
  2. Conflict over Taxes
    • The Townsend Act
    • Daughters of Liberty
  3. Lesson Summary: Why it Matters.

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