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Making a Treasure Chest for the Pirate Unit


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Underpaint the Box
Making a Treasure Chest for the Pirate Unit

Underpaint the box


What is a pirate without a treasure chest? This chest is designed to be part of the early childhood Pirate Unit. Each child can make a small box, or your can make a larger box like this and use it for your students to place their secret "sharing."

This project begins with a lidded box. Cigar boxes used to be the cardboard lidded boxes of choice. When was the last time you saw a cigar box? I think for me it was 1974. You can purchase card board boxes like the one in the picture at a craft store: I got the one on this page in one of the national big box stores. You can also purchase wood, but for this project this will do.

This box is also the right size for sharing: send it home with each of your children and have them place "a treasure" inside to share with the class at sharing time.

Paint the box with an acrylic paint: You can even use acrylic wall paint, if you have a color that would be good under the gold paint. I used a cadmium red acrylic paint that will give it some "depth" if it shines though the gold paint.

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