1. Education

Differentiation -- Strategies to Adjust Instruction and Assessment

Differentiation is the practice of modifying instruction and assessment to meet multiple needs and abilities in a classroom.

A Rubric in a Table is a Great Tool to Define and Evaluate Ac…
A Rubric for a class project about animals is presented, demonstrating how to create a rubric as a way to define and evaluate project expectations. A rubric can be modified according to the ability of individual students in order to differentiate both expectations and outcomes.

Differentiated Instruction and Assessment
Differentiated instruction and differentiated assessment.

Think Tac Toe -- a Strategy for Differentiation
A Think Tac Toe offers students multiple ways to expand their knowledge, show their mastery of a topic or provide evidence of their mastery following a "tic tac toe" format.

A "Think Tac Toe" for the Revolutionary War
A "Think Tac Toe" chart provides a variety of ways for students to offer proof of mastery of material they have learned about the American Revolution.

Teaching Made Easier - a Web Based Tool for Differentiation
Teaching Made Easy.com is a website based tool that will help teachers provide a variety of activities to support differentiation, small group instruction, collaboration.

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