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Bingo Dot Marker Worksheets for a Science Unit on Fall Leaves


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Printable Bingo Dot Art for a Unit on Fall Leaves of a Birch Leaf
Bingo Dot Marker Worksheets for a Science Unit on Fall Leaves

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Jerry Webster

Bingo Dot Markers are a great way to have students with fine motor issues or weak grip color worksheets to support curricular goals.

You could have the students simply color the leaves the color on the sheet and cut them out, or you could go for a walk and find leaves that match the leaf shapes on the pages, bring them back to the classroom, color the leaves to match the actual leaves they found. In the first instance the purpose is to work on fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, as well as talk about the change of seasons. In the second instance the student is learning to observe the visual properties of leaves, identify trees from a model and using observation to control a finished product (the color of the leaf.)

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