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Back to School Classroom Organization and Management

Starting school with well designed routines and procedures in place, as well as resources to help you prepare and organize your classroom will help the special educator and their general education partners have great starts to their new school year.

Back to School Checklist
A complete list of the steps to a successful beginning of the year.

Resources for a successful start to a new school year are gathered together...
Resources for a successful start to a new school year are gathered together to help the special educator make this the best year ever!

Classroom Routines
Establishing and teaching routines is an effective way to begin the school year, to effectively structure the school day and create an orderly environment for teaching and learning.

Back to School
Learn some ways to have a successful beginning to your school year. Learn how to organize your classroom, your students, establish routines and rules and use a token system to reinforce the kinds of behaviors you want your students to learn.

Teacher Checklist for Classroom Management
Use this handy checklist to make sure you're ready for all components of classroom management.

Classroom Management in the Inclusional Classroom
Do you want the most effective classroom management system? Here's a guide to help you implment one - tried and true by seasoned teachers.

What I Do - My Classroom Rules and Home Report
My rules for my self-contained classroom.

Back to School -- Planning to Communicate with Parents
Planning how to communicate with parents can avoid problems later in your school year.

Problem Behaviors - Resources for Managing Challenging or Dif…
Resources for managing difficult or challenging behaviors that disrupt the classroom and the individual child's academic success.

Discipline Resources - Top Picks for Discipline
Classroom managment and discipline. Top pick books.

Back to School Resources to Help Teach Students with Dyslexia
It’s almost back-to-school time and whether you are a new teacher or have been teaching for years, there is a good chance this year you will have a student with dyslexia in your classroom. Here we provide you with a range of resources to help your students with dyslexia succeed this year, as well.

Tip a Week - Plastic Baskets to Organize Instruction
Plastic baskets are organizational tools for creating lessons and organizing for instruction.

A Magic Back Pack - A Fun Way to Support Instruction


Activities for the Magic Back Pack
Games and activities to use with the magic back pack.

Bulletin Boards
Bulletin boards can be an important part of a lively instruction environment.

A Getting to Know You Bulletin Board for Back to School
A bulletin board begins with a border of alternating boy and girl paper dolls.

A Birthday Board Your Students Make

What You Want Your Administrator to Know
An opportunity for special educators to anonymously share the things they wish their administrators about the challenges you face and the needs they and their students have which are not met.



Self-Contained Classrooms – Building a Program
Starting a new year in a self contained classroom requires planning: planning for the environment, for structures and instruction.

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