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Word Q for Dyslexic Students

Predictive Writing Software


Why Word Q?

Word Q takes the frustration away from learning disabled students who are often lacking in confidence and ability when given a paper/pencil task. Negative attitudes towards learning often lead to frustration and lower academic performance. Word Q allows the child to become successful when writing, in fact my experience when working with children and Word Q is that it actually makes them want to write! Children with language or learning disabilities often have great thoughts but have immense difficulty getting them down on paper. Word Q elminates the negativity in writing!

What is Word Q?

Word Q is a software application that will work with email, word processors, the web etc. When Word Q is turned on, you begin to type a word and it will predict what it is you're trying to type. Word Q will also read it back for you. Word Q will work on any Windows software and is currently available in English and French. Word Q in my opinion, (which is based on the students that I've seen use it on a regular basis) is truly one of the most superior software application that will motivate dyslexic students to write and promote their self-confidence at the same time.

Don't take my word for this though, read more here or download the trial version to see for yourself.

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