1. Education
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Checklists for Children with Learning Disabilities

Check the Strength or Weakness for Each of the Categories


To use the learning disability checklists, determine whether there are more weaknesses than strengths. As you go through each of the checklists, you will then have a list of strengths and needs of your child/student. Patterns will emerge that enable you to see the areas of weakness that tend to be predominant with your child/student. Read each checklist carefull and determine which ones are a strengh and which ones are a weakness.Check the appropriate items and bring forward to your IEP meeting or for a parent/teacher meeting. Having these areas of strengths and weaknesses will be of great assistance to parent/teacher meetings or meetings that focus on the individual educational program.

Listening Comprehension

Oral Language Development

Reading Skills

Written Skills


Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Social Relationships


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