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Learning Disabilities

Characteristics of Visual Deficits


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The following is a list of visual perceptual deficits often noted in students with a learning disability:

  • letter reversals, b for d, p for q
  • letter and or number inversions: m for w, p for b etc.
  • finds reasons not to read, says he/she's tired
  • complains that their eyes hurt
  • doesn't copy questions or passages correctly
  • re-reads and skips lines
  • loses the spot where he/she was reading
  • makes sequencing errors, will say on for no or saw for was
  • these children often erase things constantly

The following list are some characteristics regarding visual motor deficits:

  • rarely leaves enough spaces between words and letters are often jumbled together
  • letters are often hard to determine, they're written in a clumsy fashion
  • difficulty coloring between the lines
  • difficulty with fine motor chores like cutting, glueing, holding pencils and crayons properly.

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