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Characteristics of Learning Disabilities

Conceptual Deficits


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The following is a list of conceptual deficits often noted in students with a learning disability:

  • Doesn't make connections in similar learning concepts. E.g., 5+3=8 becomes an unknown when asked what 3+5 equals.
  • Has difficulty comparing things or classifying and sorting items according to a specific criteria
  • Time concepts present difficulty, before, after, tomorrow, last week etc.
  • often doesn't get jokes or ideas in humorous situations
  • Creativity and imagination is usually limited
  • Often slow to respond
  • Difficult time prediciting what may happen next, or answering comprehension type questions
  • Comments are often off track
  • Difficulty thinking in a logical or sequential manner
  • Difficulty with number concepts
  • Often requires a great deal of clarification and one to one support
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