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IEP Sample

Multiple Exceptionalities: John Doe


Example: John Doe is a 12 year old boy presently placed in a regular grade 6 classroom with special education support . John Doe is identified as ‘Multiple Exceptionalities’. A Pediatric assessment determined that John meets criteria for Autistic Spectrum Disorder. John's anti-social, aggressive behavior, prevent him from achieving academic success.

General Accommodations:

  • Supervision for Non-Instructional Time
  • Attention/Focusing Cues
  • Special Arrangements for Arrival/Departure
  • Use of Preferred Learning Style
  • Small Group Instruction
  • In-Class Peer Tutor Assistance
  • Review, Retest, Re-Evaluate
  • Reduce Visual or Auditory Distractions
  • Scribing or Oral Reporting
  • Length of Time for Assessments/Assignments

Annual Goal:

John will work towards controlling compulsive and impulsive behavior, which negatively affects the learning of self and others. He will work towards interacting and responding to others in a positive way.

Behavior Expectations:

Develop skills to manage anger and resolve conflict appropriately.

Develop skills to accept responsibility for self.

Demonstrate dignity and respect for self and others.

Develop a foundation for health relationships with peers and adults.

Develop a positive self image.

Strategies and Accommodations

Encourage John to verbalize his feelings.

Modeling, role play, rewards, consequences using the assertive discipline approach.

One-to-one teaching as required, one-to-one Educational Assistant support as required and relaxation exercises.

Direct teaching of social skills,acknowledge and encourage acceptable behavior.

Establish and use consistent classroom routine, prepare for transitions well in advance. Keep as predictable a schedule as possible.

Make use of computer technology where possible, and ensure John feels he is a valued member of the class. Always relate classroom activities to timetable and agenda.


Resources: Classroom Teacher, Education Assistant, Integrations Resource Teacher.

Frequency: daily as required.

Location: regular classroom, withdraw to resource room as required.

Comments: A program of expected behaviors and consequences will be established. Rewards for expected behavior will be given at the end of an agreed upon time interval. Negative behavior will not be acknowledged in this tracking format, but will be identified to John and to home through a communication agenda.

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