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Jerry Webster

Count Down

By November 4, 2012

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We'll be in staff development Tuesday as the nation goes to the polls.  I will be going over to the Mandalay Bay Casino Resort to watch the national returns with Democratic friends.  I hope to see candidates I have supported get another term so they can be about the business (starting in February) of finding enough funding to support education in Nevada.  We have had a slower recovery than many states, in part because the economy was fueled by a bubble in real estate that was fueled by overheated speculation, much of it coming (sometimes in tour buses!) from California.  Our legislators have to come together to find a reasonable way to fund schools that is not dependent on people from California gambling in Nevada.

All over the country we are seeing states and localities struggling with how to pay for education, and the deficit hawks keep chanting "no new taxes, no new taxes."  The jobs numbers were good this last Friday, except, of course, for public sector jobs.  Lots of young teachers with lots of debt, are hoping to get called back to over crowded classrooms in struggling districts, hoping to get their foot in the door.  State legislatures all over the country are looking for ways to raid our pension funds, to make us wait longer to receive our pensions, or ways to strip us of the right to negotiate our contracts.  They want to bring back the bad old days when pay could be differentiated according to who were best friends with the administrators or the school board members.

I hope you have gotten out to support legislators who are supporting public education.   We need to be sure that not only legislators but also our communities know that investing in education is investing in the future of our country.  When we do, we can be sure that we will be part of a profession that is respected and protected by the people who make important discussions about our future and the future of our schools.


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